My Background


I have always loved creating. I was blessed with a loving family that encouraged and cultivated that love of art right from the beginning. My formal education includes a European style art school beginning at age 11, a charter high school that specialized in art, and finally a Bachelor's Degree in graphic design from Montana State University. 

My Medium


I have used many different mediums over the years, but it was with watercolor that I truly found my voice. I love its versatility and organic nature. While challenging at times, the luminosity and beauty that can be achieved is well worth the effort. After sketching out my plan for a painting, I begin layering watercolors - slowly and meticulously building up color and detail which results in a depth and substance meant to engage the viewer.

My Inspiration


 I take a detailed and thoughtful approach to my art both in the subject manner and the way I portray it. My paintings are inspired by the things, people and places in my life that bring me peace and purpose. While the painting process is often therapeutic for me, I also strive to draw the viewers’ attention to the beautiful intricacies that exist throughout daily life, but can easily go unnoticed. Any opportunity to slow down and really see the beauty around you is an opportunity worth taking.