Claire Bischoff - Watercolor Artist

Sorenson Auto Body Repair is an automotive shop specializing in collision repair, paint jobs, and restorations. They have expertise in everything from small dent and scratch repair to complete panel replacement. They are extremely customer focused and offer services such as mobile estimates and pick-up/drop- off services when needed.

The design process began with many thumbnail sketches of possible directions to take the logo in order to create the best possible mark. I explored many options through iterations of layout and style before deciding on a scripted design.

Once each letter form of the mark had reached a consistent stylistic direction, I begin smaller iterations of the logo using tracing paper making small but very important modifications to continue pushing the logo to work as a whole. Once satisfied with the inked version, I vectored the word mark.

At this point I realized that certain elements of the logo such as the ‘r’, ‘e’, and ‘n’ were not fitting with the given direction and required more tweaking. I redrew these elements with more pointed stems in order to move away from the softer, rounded look that was conflicting with the overall direction of the mark. I also experimented with the spacing and angle of the letters and the logo itself. In between each iteration the logo was printed and edited by hand for any needed revisions.

The colors for the logo needed to be bold and strong. The dark gray paired with a deep rich red was the perfect combination to embody the energetic and forward mobile company.

Mountain Lake Watercolor
Secret Waterfall Watercolor
Evening Sun Watercolor
Ready Sun Watercolor
Nature's Gold Watercolor
Self-Reflection Watercolor
Ocean Landscape Watercolor
Follow Me Watercolor
Child's Play Watercolor
Reflections Watercolor
Breaking Trail Watercolor
Let's Go For a Walk Watercolor