Claire Bischoff - Illustration and Design

Glitterhappy is a new company that creates colorful jewelry for women. Their mission is to empower women to be adventuresome, inspiring and flirty but most of all happy - from the inside out.

I started by sketching the ā€˜Gā€™ both upper and lowercase in various styles to discover the direction I was going to head with the mark. I created several pages filled with thumbnail sketches exploring many arrangements and styles before moving forward with a specific look.

I changed and edited the specific shape of each letter - methodically fine tuning the mark as a whole.

Despite being so far along in the process, the logo was not effectively portraying the personality of Glitterhappy. I returned to the sketching stage and revisited the entire shape and direction of each letter form. After changing a few key elements and moving away from the sharp edges and harsh shapes, the logo quickly came together as a complete, strong and effective mark.

The final logo was much more concise, utilizing the capitol G flowing easily into the rest of the word. Although I wanted to keep the logo very precise, it also needed to embody the crazy, flirty personality of Glitterhappy. This was achieved through the use of the uneven baseline and easy, hand-written visual rhythm of the word.

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